After a friend’s backpack had been stolen, Adrian Solgaard started talking with his friends about features to add into the perfect bag. In 2016 we launched Lifepack, and the world accepted it with open arms. Since then, we’ve continued to create great products people love.

March 2016


Lifepack Original

The solar powered and anti-theft backpack: Fully featured with Solarbank with bluetooth speakers, retractable cable lock, drop-proof laptop storage and more, the Lifepack is built to join you on every journey so you can be ready for anything.

Launched on Kickstarter with 3,705 backers

“This solar-powered backpack means business, but is a dream pick for work-meets-play types.”

“The Best Backpacks & Laptop Bags of 2018.”

“This is the high-tech backpack you never knew you needed."

June 2017

Hustle Backpack

Hustle Backpack

Designed to perfect the daily backpack, the Hustle is a premium bag with hidden pockets inside, drop-proof laptop storage, anti-theft lock, and a shape like none other.

Launched on Kickstarter with 2,898 Backers

"The bags’ solar-powered charging bank makes it easy to recharge on the go."

"The best laptop bags and backpacks for 2018."

"The Hustle Backpack is like bringing a tiny bunker as a piece of carry-on luggage."

April 2018


Hex Watch Collection

We had always wanted to create a watch. We love hexagons. Both easy facts. Then after making the first prototype and realizing that you could actually tell time faster, we put the HEX watch collection into production straight away.

"9 Stylish Gifts for Valentine's Day"

"A functional alternative to other timepiece options that can be seamlessly integrated into your wardrobe."

'The perfect watch for flying first class in a way that looks sophisticated and feels casual."

November 2017

Carry-On Closet 1.0

Carry-On Closet 1.0

Staying organized, packing, repacking, unpacking, and staying organized is time consuming, frustrating, and tbh, quite boring. The Carry-On Closet was designed to make packing a breeze, and keep you organized on the go without needing to constantly repack.

TIME Magazine "Best Inventions 2018"

"If you’re a hyper-organized traveler, this one is for you.”

"Just pop up the shelf and all of your packed garments are good to go."

November 2018

Ocean Plastics Daypack

Ocean Plastics Daypack

After 18 months of establishing a supply chain, we were finally ready to launch our first product made from plastic recovered from the ocean. We decided to make a great everyday bag at an everyday price point.

Funded by 1,463 Backers

"Each bag here is constructed from upcycled ocean plastics and removes the equivalent of five pounds of trash from our waterways."

"If you care about the ocean, shop this brand."

"The trash of some is the treasure of others."

December 2018

Carry-On Closet 2.0

Carry-On Closet 2.0

The Carry-On Closet 2.0 is the next evolution from the original. Available in two sizes and three colors, lighter weight, upgraded locking system, improved wheels, and a lining made from recycled plastic bottles.

Launched on Kickstarter with 2,989 Backers.

“The 7 most impressive inventions of 2018.”

“This suitcase has a removable shelving system. If you’re a hyper-organized traveler, this one is for you.”

" A suitcase you don't need to unpack."

June 2020


Launched on Kickstarter with 3043 backers

January 2021

Venture Backpack

After two years of development, we released our much requested backpack featuring our iconic, patented shelving system from our Carry-On Closet.

Circular Bag

April 2023

The Circular backpack marks our first step towards full circularity; designing products that can be reused, refurbished, remanufactured, and recycled. Crafted from a single polymer, 100% PET, the Circular backpack is both recycled and fully recyclable. Unlike regular bags, which feature multiple materials and are both labor-intensive and expensive to recycle, the Circular backpack can be recycled alongside plastic bottles.  

June 2023


After traveling around the world with our luggage, listening to customer ideas and feedback, and a lot of brainstorming, we’re happy to announce the newest versions of our Carry-On and Check-In Closets. The same sustainable and innovative design you know and love but with even better features. We improved our patented shelving system with better compression, storage, and fit. We also upgraded the handles and lowered the wheels, giving you better steering and control. For those looking for a full set, the Medium and Large Carry-on Closets, as well as the new Medium Check-in Closet, nest inside the Large Check-in Closet. 



2023 marks the year Solgaard comes to Europe. For us, coming to Europe is coming home. The Hustle backpack was invented while our Norwegian founder, Adrian Solgaard, was living in Mallorca, Spain, and after living in Amsterdam, Denmark, and Oslo, he brought Solgaard to the USA. Many members of our team have roots here, from Norway and Sweden in the north, down through the UK to sunny Spain and beyond. 

We’re happy to be back and very excited to offer our sustainable travel gear to new customers. We’re kicking things off with our suitcases and backpacks, to make your travel and work organized, stylish, and sustainable. We hope you’ll join the #SolgaardSquad 

We currently ship to Germany, Austria, and Belgium, but as we continue to grow, we hope to add new markets - stay tuned!

This was all made possible thanks to over 17,000 amazing backers.

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